Victoria and Vancouver, BC Computer recycling organization to fight poverty

Extending the gift-giving spirit of the holidays a little longer, leading BC computer recycling organization, ERA, donates used computers and laptops in Victoria, Vancouver and all over BC to reduce child poverty rate in BC

VICTORIA, Jan. 6, 2014 /CNW/ - For non-profit organizations helping children and youth, holiday gifts will keep pouring in even after Christmas day. Twenty five (25) laptops and fifty (50) computers are available to be hand delivered Santa-style by leading green BC computer recycling organization, the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA).

According to ERA founder, Bojan Paduh, the donations give hope to kids and youth, similar to the time that a church donated a computer to him in 1996 when he was suffering from poverty after just arriving in Canada from war tornYugoslavia.

Currently British Columbia suffers the worst child poverty rates in Canada, affecting 1 out of 5 children and youth in BC.1 ERA hopes to reverse this trend by providing used laptops, computers and video games to charities and non-profit organizations helping kids and youth.

Individuals and organizations can contact the ERA to request some of these laptops and computers, for use in their programs. The laptops and computers can help with studies, education, staying in touch, and playing.

Calgary-headquartered ERA operates donation centres in Calgary and in Edmonton, as well as Vancouver andVictoria, BC. In 2013 alone, ERA donated hundreds of laptops and computer sets across western Canada. In 2012, the organization diverted 319 tonnes of recyclable materials from the landfill.

A report by Alberta Recycling Management Authority in Alberta (ARMA) for 2013 revealed that in Alberta there were 750,000 TVs and computers dumped, none of which were reused. In BC, EPRA reports 21,960 tons (approx. 1 million electronic devices) were dumped. None of which were reused. ERA is confident that many of those items could have been reused and given second homes, and is focused on offering organizations and individuals in BC computer recycling.

"Whenever possible donated electronic equipment is refurbished, wiped clean of any data, and given to charities and other non-profit organizations at no cost," says Ben Brunner, ERA donations supervisor. "Materials not suitable for donation are recycled in a responsible and environmentally friendly way to minimize or eliminate associated environmental impacts of E-Waste."

About the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA)
ERA is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing electronic waste by preventing unwanted computers, laptops and related electronic equipment from ending up in landfills or being prematurely disposed of, or recycled when someone else can still use them. For more information about our operations, secure hard drive shredding services, or to donate your used electronic equipment, visit

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