Vancouver Park Safety Fair & Hard Drive Shredding: March 21 10am to 3pm at Andy Livingstone Park

We have partnered with the Chinese Community Policing Centre and the Vancouver Police Department for their Park Safety Fair this Saturday from 10am to 3pm at Andy Livingstone Park. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about personal safety in a fun and informative way. The most important thing to consider when disposing of your unwanted electronics is how to manage the personal information on them. Ensuring personal information security is important to the Electronic Recycling Association's, so we have a number of security measures that individuals with unwanted equipment can choose from. The first is a software data wipe using a program called Blancco, which rearranges and scrambles your data so that it is impossible to retrieve. The other option is hard drive shredding. ERA has a number of mobile hard drive shredding machines that allow hard drives to be completely destroyed as you watch, so you can rest assured your data will never make it into the wrong hands.

We will have one of our hard drive shredding machines on site at the fair, and will be offering complementary hard drive shredding to all visitors. Come out and join the kid-friendly festivities!

Come out an join the festivities! Come out and join in the festivities!