Bojan Paduh's Electronic Recycling Association Donates Computers to Children in Poverty

Bojan Paduh, founder and president of the The Electronic Recycling Association, announced today that the ERA has made a donation of 23 computers to the Isa Mundo Foundation. The Isa Mundo Foundation, with support from the Roma Kids Organization, has created a modern learning center at the Volcanes Primary School in Mexico that aims to support children living in poverty through education and opportunity.

"We're thrilled to have been able to help the Isa Mundo Foundation," commented Bojan Paduh, founder and president of the ERA. "We believe that supporting foundations like the Isa Mundo Foundation through the provision of technology can give kids who don't have accessible learning tools the opportunity to become educated," he continues " It might even be the one thing that helps these kids get out of the cycle of poverty."

As a not for profit organization with deep community roots, it is the ERA's "reuse" focus and donation activities which set the organization apart from others in this sector. The ERA believes that "reuse" wherever possible is the most ecological approach to this growing stream, and an excellent way to compel real community good will at the same time.

"I cannot fully express the difference having computers makes in my students' lives" commented Paul Lorilla, director and founder of the Isa Mundo Foundation. "For some of them, this is the first time they have used a computer, they are absolutely blown away!"

About the Electronic Recycling Association

Established in 2004, the ERA specializes in waste electronics management, reuse and recycling in Canada. We are unwaveringly committed to reducing electronic waste by extending their lifecycle through electronics donating services, recycling non-reusable electronics, computers, laptops, phones and more. With depots all across Canada, the ERA provides a great way to recycle electronic equipment safely and securely.

Bojan Paduh