Computer recycling in Saskatoon: Equipment to be donated to local charities and non profits

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is set to open a brand-new depot location, in partnership with Uniway Computers. We have been asked about computer recycling in Saskatoon, and this new full-service depot is the answer.

The ERA, a Not for Profit Organization, has been reducing unnecessary waste and adverse environmental contribution through the recycling, repurposing and donation of electronic and IT equipment since 2004.

On 14 April 2014, the ERA will host the grand opening of the new depot location. Community members are invited to the Uniway Computers location to drop off their unwanted electronics, and view the new location.

"ERA is proud to announce we will be providing our services to this rapidly growing community. Soon we will have our trucks, forklelectronic recycling association bojan paduh Computer recycling  in Saskatoonifts, hard drive shredders, and refurbishing centers conveniently located in Saskatoon. The community has a continued requirement for this type of service, and we are looking forward to fulfilling this need: Computer recycling in Saskatoon has just become a lot easier," says Bojan Paduh, Director of the ERA.

No longer will old computers be trashed, shredded and melted, before being given a chance for a second life. ERA will work with individuals and corporations to reuse and refurbish computers, laptops, and electronics, and donate them into the local communities in Saskatoon, Regina, and all over Saskatchewan.