McMan Youth & Family Services Receive 6 Laptops

Donating to an Organization that's Making a Difference in Our Community

McMan Youth and Family Services is a charitable organization that recognizes the strengths and potential of children, youth, and families. Their programs and services address issues of safety, overall well-being, and permanency adversely affecting children, youth, and families in our community. In supporting them, they improve their quality of life and further enrich our community as a whole.

McMan received 6 Laptops from ERA which will be used for their Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP). This Program provides support to Aboriginal women who report alcohol and/or drugs abuse; are pregnant or up to six months after birth; are not engaged with other community services or are at risk of having a child prenatally exposed to alcohol or drugs. The goals of the program can include prevention of future alcohol or drug-exposed children; effective family planning; drug & alcohol treatment; stable housing; children living within their own families; effective childcare and connecting to community services.

The laptops will also be provided to individuals who are looking to go back to University or are currently studying and are at risk of becoming homeless. McMan act as the anchor preventing these individuals from becoming homeless.

Mcman Youth and Family Services


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