10 Years a Canadian E-Waste Recycler

The Electronic Recycling Association has been an e-waste recycler in Canadian communities since 2004. We started with just Calgary computer recycling, but today we are a Canadian e-waste recycler. Starting with only a few employees we have developed our staff to 37 people and we are very proud of what we have done. We have helped many charities and not for profit organizations in need of electronics to achieve their goals through technology. Our database today shows a total of 4000 different charities that we have helped. We have helped reduced electronic waste in the Calgary area by reducing, reusing and recycling tens of thousands of electronic items per year. We do this by recycling used computer equipment and other electronics and donating it to charities, and deserving individuals for any usage they desire. In 2014 this is our 10th year and we want to make this our best year ever. We take electronics of all shapes and sizes with the exception of micro-waves and house hold appliances. We are reaching out to Canadian communities in any way that we can for assistance in computer electronics donations that we can send to our charities in need of electronic equipment. No donation is too big or too small. We are in all major Canadian cities, and you can see a full list of our active cities providing electronic recycling.

E-waste Recycler