ERA at InspirAct 2016 Volunteer Fair!

InspirAct 2016

We were thrilled to attend the InspirAct 2016 Volunteer Fair for the third consecutive year this week! The event is hosted by Calgary Christian School and the purpose of the event is to give students the opportunity to meet and interact with various community and volunteer-based organizations.

Throughout the day, students from seven Calgary schools (a total of nearly one thousand students!) are given time to speak with the organizations they may have interest in about potential volunteer opportunities. At the beginning of each session, several students got up and presented their own great experiences with volunteerism to compel other students to do the same.

 Among the organizations represented were the Salvation Army, ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation (who stole the show by bringing 4 delightful puppies along to enjoy the day), Camp Chestermere, Run for Water, the Drop-In Centre, the City of Calgary's Calgary After School, Pioneer Ranch Camps, Camp Evergreen, the MEOW Foundation and many others.

ERA is focused on giving back, so it is inspirational to see our future leaders so interested in finding meaningful ways to give back - and we hope to see some of the students visit our own facility to volunteer in the future!

InspirAct 2016

Inspiract two

InspirAct 2016

We would say InspirAct 2016 was a great success, are looking forward to participating in the event next year!