Electronic Recycling Association: Fraud Prevention Month at CrossIron Mills

Can you believe we are already half way through March? That means we are also half way through Fraud Prevention Month, and we have been out at some great events, with more to come!

Over the weekend we participated in an initiative at CrossIron Mills to speak with the public about some simple ways to reduce their risk of falling victim to fraud. We had our hard drive shredder onsite and processed dozens of hard drives throughout the day. Thanks to Calgary Police Service for facilitating the event and the community partners who volunteered their time to come out and help the public learn how to protect themselves against common scams.

If you missed us over the weekend and have hard drives you would like shredder, bring them into any one of our warehouses where you can request shredding services.

We will be offering complimentary hard drive shredding in Medicine Hat (in partnership with the Medicine Hat Police Department) this weekend (March 19th). Full details on that event can be found here.

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