Electronic Recycling Association: Donation to Grow Calgary

The Electronic Recycling Association has been providing Grow Calgary with computer equipment to help them ensure smooth operations since the organization's inception in 2013.

Grow Calgary operates an 11-acre urban agricultural farm, and produce grown there is given to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. This program ensures all Calgarians have access to healthy, local food, and it is entirely run by over 4000 volunteers. Donated equipment supports Grow Calgary’s volunteer programs and help its president, Paul Hughes, manage the organization.

Paul recently visited the Electronic Recycling Association in Calgary to collect several more laptops, and we have the pleasure of sitting down with him for an interview. To find out more about the impact of donated equipment on Grow Calgary, as well as learn more about their programs, please view the video.


To learn more about Grow Calgary, please visit their website: or drop by the farm, located at 10319 West Valley Rd SW Calgary, AB. We wish you all the best this upcoming season Paul!