Electronic Recycling Association a Finalist for Emerald Awards!

We are extremely pleased to announce that ERA, namely our Founder, Bojan Paduh, has been announced as a finalist for the 25th annual Emerald Awards in the Not-for-Profit category!

The Emerald Awards recognize and celebrate environmental excellence achieved by individuals, not-for-profit associations, large and small corporations, community groups and governments from across Alberta. Since 1992, the Emerald Awards has recognized over 475 finalists and 280 recipients who have demonstrated creative thinking and innovation in environmental management systems, technologies and education programs. The 25th Annual Emerald Awards will be presented on June 8, 2016 at Telus Spark in Calgary.

 The team at ERA is proud of our Founder, who is committed to inspiring change in the e-waste industry. Current government regulations address e-waste from a recycling perspective and have implemented producer programs that create accountability for ensuring responsible processing of older equipment - there is not, however, a formal program in place to mandate reuse as the official first consideration.


Emerald Awards ERA's Founder, Bojan Paduh

By focusing effort on raising awareness about the importance of reuse and offering accessible solutions, Bojan continues to push forward in his goal to make reuse a widespread option. He makes meeting with government officials to discuss e-waste programs a high priority, and continues to push for positive change. Over the past decade, he has successfully opened depots in 5 regions and continues to launch and execute initiatives to increase ERA's exposure and utilization in these regions.

The primary and end goal of all ERA's initiatives is to reduce the extraction of new natural resources necessary for new technology by ensuring that equipment is kept in use as long as is reasonable and primarily by people who cannot afford to purchase new equipment.

Thank-you to the Alberta Emerald Foundation for the nod, and for tirelessly working for a quarter of a century to recognize environmental excellence, and congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

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