Computer Donation Day is Just the Beginning

Here at the ERA we receive hundreds of requests for a computer donation each month. When we receive a computer donation request it is first reviewed for legitimacy and then it is filed in our donation system, where it stays until inventory permits completion of the request. Sometimes this can take a few days, or, for larger requests even months. I think we would all agree that the best days are those we get to go out and meet the people we are providing tech equipment to, and hear their stories.

You may recall that shortly before Christmas, we teamed up with Alberta's Promise (AP) and Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth (CBFY) to put together 60 refurbished computers and laptops to be distributed to families new to the city from other countries. We had a great day with staff of AP and CBFY and were honored to meet some of the recipients.

After the day of the donation, we got busy with other initiatives, the holiday season and then getting things ready for 2015.

We received a note today from CBFY containing some stories from computer recipients that really made our day. Because we are busy receiving, filling and delivering donation requests we often don't focus on past donations. These stories show us that the big day: Computer Donation Day - which also signifies the final step of the donation process - is really just the beginning of the impact.

Here are some of those stories:

From a young boy enrolled CBFY's programs: "I want to thank you for taking me in consideration for the laptop. I do my homework, projects and research. I can communicate with my father. I load applications to learn English. Thank you so much to you and the people that made possible that the new immigrants like my mom and I have this kind of support, it will make possible our dreams and goals can become a reality."

From a newcomer family struggling to settle in: "Recently, I received a laptop which inspire my son to study harder, this Laptop provided a portal of data & information beyond what's available in their school library, it kept my son sharp & well versed on current topics. It made him more aware of his own learning & thinking patterns & assisted him in self-motivation & academic achievements. He was so happy & indeed it was a great help to our family."

From a high-school student who recently arrived in Canada: "I appreciate the help you rendered to me and my family, the winter jackets you gave to us and the privilege to be able to get the laptop from the Calgary Bridge Foundation. Your help as being very necessary and important to my family, and we really appreciate the fact that you chose our family at of lots of others. The laptop as being of good use to me and my family, i usually use the laptop for my school work and also to watch some movies when am less busy. The laptop as lots of benefits which makes it important to a family and considering the expenses it might not be affordable but the help you gave to us as made a huge difference and we are really thankful."

Thanks to the teams at Alberta's Promise and Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth for working with us to make these success stories possible!

Just in case you didn't catch the story, You can view the video below:

Laptop Presentation